Big day for India. Huge spike in Corona Positive in a single day


Government officials and health workers and doctors and police were struggling to keep the people inside the home to avoid community spread of Corona virus. Nothing is heard by common useless people of India to follow the social distancing and adhere the safety aspects issues to escape from the clutches of Corona COVID-19.

In a major setback to government and for spoiling the efforts 2411 cases were found positive yesterday( Saturday) which makes the total count to 37,776 positive.

Everywhere in india see most of the people thronging the market, meat shops, still at few places gathering at mosques, gathering at small house churches to get the possibility of getting affected by corona. More of the people as seen in the photos over the net not wearing masks too and also almost most of the places sanitizers were not used in shops.

This makes the extension of lockdown is essential at this stage now. Cannot imagine if the lockdown was lifted people will be throning here and there and there will be spikes in cases like USA and Italy in a week. Hope the people will hear the government advice and stay indoors for another two weeks to break the chain.

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