Businesses including MSMEs benefits under 20 Lac crore stimulus plan by PM Narendra modi


Businesses including MSMEs

1.Rs3 lakh crores Collateral free Automatic Loans for Business, inclMSME

2.Rs20,000 crore Subordinate Debt for MSMEs 

3.Rs50,000 crequity infusion through MSME Fund of Funds

4.New definition of MSMEs

5.Global tender to be disallowed uptoRs200 crores

6.Other interventions for MSMEs

7.Rs2500 crores EPF support for Businesses and Workers for 3 more months

8.EPF contribution reduced for Business & Workers for 3 months-Rs6750 crores 

9.Rs30,000 crores Liquidity Facility for NBFC/HCs/MFIs

10.Rs45,000 crPartial Credit Guarantee Scheme 2.0 for NBFC 

11.Rs90,000 crLiquidity Injection for DISCOMs 

12.Relief to contractors

13.Extension of Registration and Completion Date of Real Estate Projects under RERA

14.Rs50,000 crliquidity through TDS/TCS reductions 

15.Other Direct tax Measures

16.Other Direct Tax Measures

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