Wow, i waited in this lockdown due to COVID to see the movie extraction in my huge screen in projector like theatre like experience, since i am missing this summer release in theaters.

Yes indeed, it satisfied me and made me to accept as a semi hollywood movie with flavours of Indian bollywood with holly. Also when this project was announced heard that they are billing to cast Arnold and Bruce willis for this project and the expectation has gone sky high to see the two super star shooters. I thought extraction is from prison that time about the story cast since in recent times there are lot of extraction and escape from prison.

However thank god the story just started a little bit with prison in India and ended up in Dhaka. When the movie started my thought just went to the bourne series where there was shoot out at bridge in goa. Sam Hamgrave has satisfied the audience what they will be looking out in the lockdown period. Is it worth waiting and watching ?

Wow. Happy to see my favourite avenger star thor alias Chris Hemworth in lead role. Nothing great to tell about the plot line of the movie it is simple and fine enough to have plenty of continuos action scene to feast your eyes like John wick.

The plot is just to extract an Indian drug lord ( Pankaj tripathi) who is in prison and his son ( Rudraksh jaiwsal) was abducted to dhaka by an rival drug lord for an ransom. The story is loosely based on the graphic novel written by Joe Russo.

In short as per IMDB the story is Tyler Rake ( Chris Hemworth, a fearless black market mercenary, embarks on the most deadly extraction of his career when he’s enlisted to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord.

There are lot of shoot out scenes and car chase and car blasts, roll out, which involves machine gun, helicopters, rocket launcher to get exploded and immersed in your home theatre. You will not the miss the theatre lock down for sure.

Just don’t want to explain the ending but it ended the way i don’t like as an hero movie and it ended as an soldier sacrificing movie.

Have a blasting week end in your home.

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