Tamilnadu Chief Minister Special cell – Online Petition filing-monitoring cell


Tamilnadu Chief Minister Special cell – Online Petition monitoring cell & Good work  by Chennai Corporation Mylapore/Royapetah/Triplicane area.

I have to appreciate the efforts and action taken by Tamilnadu Chief Minister Special cell – Online Petition monitoring cell (http://cmcell.tn.gov.in/ )  & also Chennai corporation online public grievance cell. I used to hear lot of things from other friends that it is effectively working and immediate action is taken if our complaint is genuine on due verification.

In my case it was proved the system and the connected authorities are working properly and they have done their duty effectively.

Just in front of our flat in Lloyds Road, Royapetah storm water drainage work was done and there was one intersection was laid across the road. During the work itself i monitored and told the contractor to fill the section fully. But it was not done.

On due course after patch work was done over it, slowly the place got caved in and literally round holes started appearing. Whenever bus or heavy vehicle pass over the above on our flat we got heavy vibration like earth quake. Even we could not sit in the chair peacefully or lay in the bed. Due to above vibration/shock, cracks started appearing on walls and existing cracks got enlarged.

I have lodged a complaint online in Chief Minister Cell (http://cmcell.tn.gov.in ) and elaborated the problem. After a week’s time I got a call from local corporation office on the issue and explained to them and the personnel visited the place and assured to take action.

Today i could see to my surprise under direct supervision of Assistant Engineer the work was completed.  Since i have given my mobile number in the complaint Engineer was kind enough to call me over mobile and intimated me that the work was completed. I just went down and thanked him personally.

I will be happy in every places officers related to all departments work in a smooth way in sorting out the civic problems. No doubt people will show their affection in next election in favour of the present government.

Thanks to Tamilnadu Chief minister Special cell & Chennai corporation- Mylapore/Triplicane area Engineer.

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