This is an another superb movie action(acted) movie by leanardo Dicaprio supported by tom hardy. The movie was advertised as based on inspired by true events. True to the word the movie is very engaging and the action were real life and never we think about it is on the screen. We will get involved with the movie if we immediately think about the characters.

In simple The Revenant is a haunting tale one one man’s survival through the snowy woods, after being attacked by a bear. On an expedition with his crew, they believe he has been killed and they leave him for dead. Leonard DiCaprio plays Hugh Glass and is brilliant in acting and as always. I loved him in Titanic and still i am and you will too in reveanat. While there is much more reasoning for Hugh Glass’ return trip (which I will not spoil), this gripping story will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.I do want to elaborate on who Glass is going after. John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) is his polar opposite in the group, the headstrong member of the drastically damaged hunting party. He’s unhappy that they have been attacked. He’s unhappy that they no longer have as many pelts as they once did (because it means he might get paid less than he believed). And he’s really unhappy that they’re now responsible for transporting a near-dead tracker who no longer can help the group get home. When given the chance to do something unthinkable, Fitzgerald does it – casting a lot that will pit him against Glass in a third-act showdown we slowly build to as the tension mounts and the moral weight of the film shifts.

I have basically summed up the basics of the story, because at it’s core, it really is a simple story. The filmmaking aspect is what sends it above and beyond. I do not know if it is possible to find a film in 2015 with more impressive Cinematography, so if you have please let me know. “The Revenant” boasts incredible acting, a terrific score, and tremendous cinematography. Alone, it is worth watching to see it’s beauty. I will say that it’s 160 minute running time is a little intimidating, but it really does not feel that long once you become interested on the movie and engaged into it. “The Revenant” is one of the best, yet simplest films of 2015.

Enjoy it in theatres for sure and you will love it and dont expect another titanic decaprio and here he is terrific and different and struggle for survival.

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