Today Oscars 2016 kicked off with great fanfare and two movies are eagerly awaited in clash which is “Mad Max Fury Road” & “The Revenant”.

As of now 5 awards were announced as below.

1) Best Original Screenplay – The winner is ” Spotlight “.

2) Best Adapted Screenplay – The winner is ” The big short “.

3) Best Supporting Actress – The winner is “Alicia Vikander” for her role in The Danish Girl.

4) Next is awaited Best Costume Design – Goes to ” Mad Max Fury road”.

5) Next is Production Design – Goes to “Mad Max: Fury Road“.

6) Best Makeup and Hair Styling – Mad Max: Fury Road

7) Next is Best Cinematography- Goes to The Revenant.

8) Film Editing – Mad Max: Fury Road

9) Best Sound Editing – Mad Max: Fury Road

It continues ” Mad Max: Fury Road ” sweeping.. Stay tuned..