Rs . 90,000 Cr. Liquidity Injection for DISCOMs


•Revenues of Power Distribution Companies (DISCOMs) have plummeted. 

Unprecedented cash flow problem accentuated by demand reduction 

•DISCOM payables to Power Generation and Transmission Companies is currently ~ Rs94,000 cr

PFC/REC to infuse liquidity of Rs 90,000 cr to DISCOMs against receivables 

•Loans to be given against State guarantees for exclusive purpose of discharging liabilities of Discomsto Gencos.

Linkage to specific activities/reforms: Digital payments facility by Discomsfor consumers, liquidation of outstanding dues of State Governments, Plan to reduce financial and operational losses.

•Central Public Sector Generation Companies shall give rebate to Discomswhich shall be  passed on to the final consumers (industries) 

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