Baaghi 3 – Comedy movie ?? Serious Movie ? Masala Movie ?


Tiger Shroff….. No doubt he is going to be one of the greatest star of the Bollywood in the future as like Hrithik Roshan.. Amazing dancer, amazing fighter, ofcourse he can very well act too.

Only thing the directors behind him want to encash his six pack body physique like using the ladies for two piece show… Damn… Baaghi 3 started like a sentiment movie and then become like a comedy movie and then try to transform as action movie but the action become disaster… Sorry not a disaster movie, we will be in disaster after seeing that movie.

Director used him like circus lion… Any other animal name i used it will be a great insult to tiger shroff.

I thought only telugu movies and tamil movies do great insult to the beroes by making them bafoon. Thank god now i realise bollywood or kollywood or tollywood all are same.

Lot of worst action scenes which could have taken nicely for the budget spent like two helicopters whirling on both side of shroff and he will just shoot it with machine gun and dodging the machine gun bullets with a shield in Syria as one man army… Now you could imagine what could have happened if anybody is fighting as one man army in Syria with ISIS… With god grace and with director grace nothing happen to shroff.. God and director blessed him with long life after a rod was also inserted in his stomach.. Any other villain could have died with that insertion of rod in stomach.. Hero lives for ever….Jai Hero…

God… Please forgive me on seeing this worst movie for the tiger shroff who made me his fan for the disco dancer 2.0.

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