On continuation on the lockdown due to COVID today watched bheeshma telugu movie in Netflix and I find it is very decent, romantic comedy and slight action movie. Just simple worth watching with family without any hesitation. No vulgar scenes and no vulgar comedy and no worst dialogues plus no worst love scenes.

Star cast is very decent to carry the film and sweet star Nitin Reddy, latest trendy Rashmika Mandanna, Sampath and the film was directed by Venky Kudumula and decent music done by Swara Sagar and I liked the song coming in the second half and both are good.

Simple story but told with which cannot happen in real life. Tired of being single, a meme creator nithin fall in love with Rashmika and follows her and had a chance to prove himself to the girl he loves when he is suddenly appointed 30 day CEO of her workplace.

In brief Rashmika is working in organic farm based company and against is asusual and modern science company which trying to promote pesticide and try to capture the market of organic farmers whom are in hold of organic farm. In the mean time nithin was accidentally appointed as CEO based on some interesting unimaginable incident. So the war between the company and Nithin has been told without much violent and with lot of Santhanam like punch ( meme) lines. Ending up ” hero wins, villain fails” and nithin become permanent CEO and marry rashmika.

Enjoy the movie with kids and it is a good entertainer…

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