Earlier before a month all the guys were praising singapore for containing the corona virus under control. Suddenly the cases spiked and now all are blaming the government for lack for proper action.

The city-state seemed to have suppressed cases without imposing the restrictive lockdown measures endured by millions elsewhere.Singapore also has advantages that many larger countries don’t. It only has one major land border, with Malaysia, and can keep a tight control on people entering by air. It also has a world-class health system and a propensity for somewhat draconian rules and policing that can benefit a government when trying to control a pandemic.

The answer appears to lie in overlooked clusters of cases among migrant workers living in cramped dormitories and an underestimation of the speed at which those infections could spread through a city where lockdown measures had not been put in place. Now today the cases in singapore raised to 8014 , 11 deaths and 768 recovered.. Do you believe today itself there is a spike of 1426 cases confirmed +ve.

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